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Cannot be configured for publishing and distribution. Publishing and distribution are supported only in SQL Server version 7.0 or later.

I got really wired issue when i was trying to configure Replication on my Enterprise edition 2016 server.

I checked couple of time and everything was looking okay until I realize I was running SSMS 2014.


I started SSMS 2016 and it’s fixed my issue.

I know its not very big issue but I thought to share with you all, just to save couple of min.




How to grant access on SSIS Server

SSIS access permissions are managed via Component Service under DCOM Config

1. Run  –> dcomcnfg.exe or Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer -> DCOM Config -> MSDTSServer

2.Right click on MSDTSServer or MSDTSServer100 ( based on SQL version )

3.Click properties

4.Click on the Security tab

5.Select Customize and add the users/groups to the Launch/Activation and Access tabs accordingly

6.Add the user to the local Distributed COM Users group

7.Restart the SSIS

How to add user in local Distributed COM Users group

  1. Right-click My Computer>Manage>Configuration>Local Users & Groups
  2. Look for the Distributed COM Users group and add the account.