AWS Lake formation – Error Message

Error Message – User: arn:aws:iam::xxxx:user/admin is not authorized to perform: lakeformation:PutDataLakeSettings with an explicit deny Issue – This issue will occur when you will try add new user as Lake formation admin with IAM user which already added as admin to Lake formation lakeformation:PutDataLakeSettings Denying this permission prevents a data lake administrator from designating other… Read More AWS Lake formation – Error Message

How to enable cron schedule in AWS EC2 instance

Step 1 – Connect to your ec2 instance ( follow below article ) step 2 – go to /etc – ( cd /etc ) step 3 – edit crontab ( nano crontab ) step 4 – define schedule and command e.g.  in this example I am sysning file b/w ec2 instance and s3 bucket… Read More How to enable cron schedule in AWS EC2 instance