Tech Talk with Saurabh Kaushal ( TEDx speaker)

There is no other time better than this when Nasa and SpaceX successfully launched their first Astronauts to space station from U.S. since 2011.

This launch will create lots of new opportunities in space science and will create a new race in space dominance. When all these developments are going on, we cannot find better guest than Saurabh Kaushal founder of Smart Circuits and TEDx speaker to speak with us in our Tech Talk.

In our Tech Talk we will be going to learn from Saurabh, how this launch brings changes in world and its effect on India and humanity at large. Also, how Smart circuit is bringing revolutionary change in space education in India and creating curiosity about space science and robotics in early age. Saurabh will also share his journey as space science entrepreneur in India. Also, he will discuss about why it is important for kids to learn space science and robotics in this changing world.

You can register for this event here –

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